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Me Myself And Lies


Have you ever noticed the things you silently tell yourself–and believe? I could never do that. They don’t like me. I am such an idiot! You wouldn’t think of talking that way to anyone else, yet phrases like these endlessly flow through your mind and pool in the depths of your soul. Popular author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild demonstrates how you can stop the flood of negative thoughts and fill your mind with seven refreshing, biblical principles, including how you can… Chill out by finding your soul’s rest in God. Look up and find a constant source of hope in Him.Press on by finding daily strength to overcome obstacles. You’ll experience a new freedom and vitality as you learn to immerse your mind in a stream of God’s truth. Previously published as Self Talk, Soul Talk.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780736960113
Jennifer Rothschild
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2017
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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