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For Better Or For Kids


The transition from “married” to “married with children” can be tough. Before they know it, a once youthful and energetic married couple finds themselves in a minivan loaded with noisy kids and littered with Cheerios, crusty Sippy cups, banana peels, and missing library books. Remember those vows you took at the altar? As much as you love your children and work hard to nurture and train them for the future, the challenges that come with parenthood can make the “for better or for worse” promise a hard one to honor. For Better or For Kids shows how couples can keep their love alive even when kids come along.

Patrick and Ruth have been married for more than sixteen years, have four children, and have served in local church ministry for the past fourteen years. As Patrick has counseled couples who are preparing for marriage, who are working to strengthen their marriage, or who are desperately trying to save their marriage, he frequently reminds them that, in Christ, there is hope for this season in life. For Better or For Kids is about remembering that even when you feel worn out, over-extended, and neglected, you promised to be a team. It is about making a vow to love your spouse with kids in the house. By God’s grace, couples can have a loving and intimate marriage regardless of the season.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310342663
Patrick Schwenk | Ruth Schwenk
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Publisher: Zondervan

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