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Brave Quest : A Boy’s Interactive Journey Into Manhood


Fathers, you have a brief–but powerful–window to help usher your son into manhood.

Using this thrilling interactive fantasy adventure, you can engage your son at a critical point in his life: the transition into adulthood. Each day a brief imaginative reading immerses him in another world, inviting him to become the hero of his own journey.

As he faces perils and enemies and discovers allies, this modern mythic tale guides your son (and you) through the dangers and joys of the teen years. He’ll be taught classic virtues and how to appreciate godly leadership. He’ll reflect on difficulties he has faced and be encouraged to dream big about his future. He’ll experience the very real price of giving in to temptations, and he’ll be primed to recognize the materialistic lures of the age.

As you embark on this life-defining journey together, you can help prepare him for both the adventure and danger he must face on the road to becoming a man of godly purpose and conviction.

“The dark days ahead will require strong men of character and confidence. If God has given you a son, it means He has entrusted you with the next generation of leadership. What a privilege! Let’s make the most of it.”–from the author, Dean Briggs

Includes a link to a free Father’s Field Manual for dads, stepdads, or mentors.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780800762759
Dean Briggs
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Chosen


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