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  • Good Name : The Power Of Words To Hurt Or Heal


    The Good Name by Samuel T. Logan, Jr. encourages readers to see the dangers of false witness among Christians, especially when dealing with disagreements, which can cause damage to individuals, the church, and the good name of Jesus.

    By exploring what it means to be a true witness in the Bible and the Christian church, Logan emphasizes the power of words–both divine and human–and explains how our Christian responsibility is to honor others in truth and respect, especially when we disagree.

    This powerful book draws on Scripture and historical evidence of all the damage that verbal nastiness of Christians has done to the cause of Christ.

    Christians often disagree with one another and, because they are Christians, they tend to hold their beliefs very strongly. This sometimes leads us to speak harshly to and about one another. But the Bible has more to say about the way we speak than it does about almost anything else, and The Good Name examines how we may express our disagreements in a way that honors Jesus.

    Logan provides biblical wisdom and practical help through specific examples of how to talk to and about those with whom we disagree on hot button issues, such as abortion, evolution, same-sex marriage, the (more…)

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