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  • Last Words : Seven Sayings From The Heart Of Christ On The Cross


    Jesus’s words in Scripture capture who he was and what he was about. His last words on the cross, over two thousand years ago, offer gospel hope for our spiritual journeys today.

    In this powerful, moving, spiritual book, author Robert J. Nash explores a fresh perspective on a familiar event, guiding readers into the forgiveness, hope, comfort, and compassion of Christ’s words in his final moments on earth.

    While pivoting history, Jesus Christ graciously offers encouragement for Christians today and hope for seekers looking for significance in his death. In this glimpse into the heart of Jesus, Robert J. Nash helps men and women find historical truths about Jesus’s love for the Christian church in his death and resurrection.

    Last Words includes a reflection section for small Bible groups and a devotional prayer at the end of each chapter to help readers relate to God. For easy reference, men and women can find a Scripture index in the back of the book.

    Come and ponder the wisdom of Christ and see for yourself a new view of the cross.

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