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  • Punching Holes In The Dark


    Look around these days and it’s hard to see much evidence of God’s light on earth. Even for those of us who believe in it, long for it, and keep ourselves busy proclaiming it, the Kingdom on Earth is relatively easy to miss. And yet there’s hope.

    Darkness may be all around us, but light is here as well. In this artful blend of observation and inspiration, critically acclaimed writer Robert Benson challenges readers to cling to the Gospel’s promise that the light of the world is here “and darkness will not overcome it” (John 1:5). Perhaps it will be seen in a neighbor caring for the sick or in a brave soul who steps up to protect the vulnerable or even as a hint of hope in someone’s noonday conversation. Though difficult to see, the light is here. We need only to punch holes in the dark to reveal profound brilliance.

    In his honest, compelling voice destined to become a classic, Benson digs deep into his own experiences to demonstrate how to search wisely and seek compassionately so we might live fully and give fully in the Light of the World.

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