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  • Gifted Mind : The Dr Raymond Damadian Story Inventor Of The MRI


    One man’s search for truth on a personal journey of invention and faith!

    Today, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies are saving lives in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. In 1969, this kind of technique was just an idea in the visionary mind of Dr. Raymond Damadian.

    As a young boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer. Dr. Damadian would eventually decide on a career in medical research and pioneer this field of amazing research. Although in 1971 his concept of detecting tumors through magnetic resonance imaging was widely met with skepticism, he became the first researcher to do a full-body scan of a human being in 1977 in order to see if there was cancer present. His life has been an incredible journey of discovery helping you learn:

    How his concept for cancer detection was inspired and developed
    Why faith became an integral part of his work
    Why he is a strong supporter of the creativity and freedom found in patents.

    From resourcefully creating his discoveries on a shoestring budget to a battle with the business behemoth known as G.E., learn how the exciting development of this technology led him to a self examination of his life and faith. What driving force is at the heart of what can arguably be called one of the greatest minds in the past 50 years and how does faith play a crucial role in his work?

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