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  • Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus


    Of all the gods, gurus, and good people out there, why Jesus? Why follow some ancient carpenter-turned-philosopher from a podunk town in the Middle East? A man whose own people didn’t believe in him for the most part. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    Or does it?

    With his signature insight and contagious enthusiasm, Ray Comfort walks you through twelve persuasive reasons to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was who he said he was, did the things the Bible records him doing, and explains why it matters to your life in the 21st century. He covers everything from the virgin birth to Jesus’s miracles and teachings, including his hard sayings, his detractors, his exclusive claims, and his commands to his followers. Through it all, Comfort shines a light on how Jesus stands out and stands above every other teacher, prophet, or historical figure out there.

    If you struggle to articulate why you follow Jesus to your friends and family, or if you are a skeptic looking for some way to make sense of the whole Jesus thing, this book is for you.

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  • How To Be Free From The Fear Of Death


    Are you afraid of dying?

    Some people admit to their fear of death while others, not wanting to appear weak or vulnerable, lie awake at night silently suffering over thoughts of their mortality.

    In How to Be Free from the Fear of Death, Ray Comfort addresses the subject head on, providing insight on life’s greatest problem: death. Overcome your fear as you:
    – understand why we suffer, age, and die,
    – consider what happens next,
    – recognize God’s power over death,
    – discover true freedom, develop habits to maintain your peace, and
    – share your newfound joy with others.

    You can experience the greatest comfort during your moment of greatest need. Rest peacefully knowing that death is not the end but a wonderful beginning.

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  • My Comfort Is Jesus


    Commit your days to the Light of the World. Jesus is more than a role model or powerful historical figure. He is our hope and our joy. Our rock and our crown.

    My Comfort Is Jesus contains 365 morning and evening devotions, prayers, and suggested Scripture readings to help you journey through the entire Bible in a year.

    Start your morning with comfort and encouragement in Christ and end your day filled with the peace of his presence.

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  • Conquer Your Fear Share Your Faith


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830751549Kirk Cameron | Ray ComfortBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 2009Publisher: Regal Books – No Active Product

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