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  • No Turning Back


    For many of us, believing in Jesus feels like the first step on a journey that can only get better and better with every step. Then trials come and it can be hard to keep walking. When faced with disappointment, disillusionment, doubt, and death, we may be tempted to turn back. The road ahead seems too hard, too long, too fraught with danger and difficulty.

    With great passion and deep understanding of the struggles believers go through, Rashawn Copeland encourages and inspires you to stay the course. In No Turning Back he shares practical and productive ways you can experience true and lasting growth based on the promises God makes to those who follow him. He shows you how to apply the truths of Scripture to be transformed by God’s power, grow your identity in Christ, renew your mind, free yourself from your past, and become the person God has called you to be.

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