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  • Joy Of Preaching


    Foreword By Warren W. Wiersbe
    1. The Two Elements In Preaching
    2. The Preacher Himself
    3. The Preacher In His Work
    4. The Idea Of The Sermon
    5. The Making Of The Sermon
    6. The Congregation
    7. The Ministry Of Our Age
    8. The Value Of A Human Soul
    1. The Teaching Of Religion
    2. The Fire And The Calf Page 225

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    An inspiring source of encouragement and instruction for all ministers of the gospel. This respected giant in the pulpit shares from his lifetime of ministry and preaching. The Joy of Preaching abounds with valuable lessons, pitfalls, and suggestions for the character of the preacher and the quality of the message. Brooks will enthuse you to let God’s truth shine through your personality.

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