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  • Stop Chasing Happy


    Happiness fades. Christlike joy endures.

    The world has you on a mission to find the person, product, or lifestyle that will cure you of all unhappiness. But you’ve chased enough false promises to know they leave you empty. You feel like it’s impossible to be happy all the time–and what the world won’t tell you is that you’re right. But even when you’re at your lowest, God still gives you the option to be joyful.

    Bestselling author Phil Waldrep invites you to study Philippians alongside him to uncover the steps to a soul-deep joy that sustains you even when happiness has run dry. Joy isn’t a feeling, but a mindset you can choose no matter what. You’ll learn the principles of Christlike joy modeled in the Bible and identify habits that will brighten your outlook and uplift your spirit.

    These practical steps to joy will draw you closer to God and leave you prepared to face each day. Get ready to get past the cultural obsession with mere happiness and start seeking the hope and satisfaction that last forever.

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