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  • 40 Questions About Pastoral Ministry


    A veteran pastor answers the questions that today’s pastors are asking

    In 40 Questions about Pastoral Ministry, veteran pastor Phil Newton provides trustworthy answers to 40 of the most common and pressing questions relating to the life and work of the pastor. Covering five major categories-such as development, practices, and preaching-Newton equips pastors to successfully handle everyday duties and challenges, including:
    *Remaining spiritually healthy
    *Strengthening your marriage
    *Dealing with discouragement
    *Avoiding pitfalls
    *Leading elders’ meetings
    *Mentoring future leaders
    *Preaching through books of the Bible
    *Conducting marriages and funerals
    *Practicing church discipline
    *Leading change and revitalization, and much more

    Basing his answers on Scripture, theological reflection, and personal experience, Newton serves as a mentor and guide for pastors at every stage of ministry. The questions and answers are self-contained, and topics of interest can be easily located. Pastors will want to consult this volume often for authoritative advice on all aspects of pastoral ministry.

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  • Conduct Gospel Centered Funerals


    Our calling as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make Christ central in all we do. Yet, in many funeral occasions, the gospel of Jesus Christ is lamentably overlooked as the primary purpose of the funeral service and that upon which all true hope depends. The aim of this book is not just to inform you of all the different kinds of important logistics, challenges, and practicalities that often accompany any funeral, but so that you will know how to apply the power of the gospel in the midst of those unique challenges.

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