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  • Conversational Evangelism : Connecting With People To Share Jesus


    You want to lead others to Jesus, but how do you witness in a culture disconnected from basic Christian principles? Trusted authors David and Norman Geisler reveal how evangelism today isn’t about laying out the truth and leading someone to walk in it–it’s about forming a relationship and connecting with twenty-first century seekers.

    If the idea of more dialogue and less dogma leaves you at a loss for words, this guide will give you the confidence and skills you need to share the gospel in a relational, personal way as you:
    *ask questions, listen attentively, and understand what someone believes
    *identify the barriers to belief so you can build bridges to truth
    *keep conversations going with different personality types

    You, your family, and your church can experience exciting breakthroughs and opportunities to evangelize when you shift the focus from witnessing effectively to effectively being a witness through communication and compassion.

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  • Essential Doctrine Made Wall Chart Laminated


    This laminated wall chart is perfect for anyone who wants to know the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. These key beliefs of Christianity are embraced by Christians around the world. Today’s churches are filled with people who are passionate about being Christians, but who may not know what exactly they believe. The author is Dr. Norman Geisler, Professor of Theology and Apologetics and co-founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

    Topics include:

    *God’s Unity
    *God’s Tri-unity
    *Christ’s Virgin Birth
    *Human Depravity
    *Christ’s Sinlessness
    *Christ’s Deity
    *Christ’s Humanity
    *Necessity of God’s Grace
    *Necessity of Faith
    *Christ’s Atoning Death
    *Christ’s Bodily Resurrection
    *Christ’s Bodily Ascension
    *Christ’s Intercession
    *Christ’s Second Coming
    *Inspiration of Scriptures

    Wall chart measures 19″ x 26″.

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