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  • Why Her


    Have you ever made life plans and watched them painfully fall apart–all while other people, apparently doing life better than you, seem to be walking away with the dreams you’ve been denied?

    Why Her? Why not you? You may not ask this question out loud, but you think it just the same.

    Why does she get the flavor-filled enjoyment of the things you always wanted for yourself? And when will being forced to watch her doing it not make you feel so bitter?

    In her honest, transparent, creatively crafted style, Nicki Koziarz unpacks her own experience with failed dreams, dashed hopes, and paralyzing comparisons. Using the up-close competitiveness of Old Testament sisters Rachel and Leah as her template, she walks you through a half-dozen truths from Scripture that may not completely eliminate the feeling of not measuring up to others, but can settle you in satisfying places where God’s acceptance of you is all that matters.

    These “6 Truths” she’s discovered will help you walk among the wisdom of ultimate realities, accept your weaknesses as rich opportunities for exhibiting God’s grace, and become motivated by others’ successes rather than pointlessly aiming your life toward outperforming them.

    Your worth is of too great a value to measured on someone else’s yardstick. You don’t have to be her. You get to be you. And no one else can do that better.

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