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  • Going On With Christ


    This booklet provides the format for telling others about salvation and the Christian life. Topics include putting Christ first in your life, relying on the Lord’s strength, the importance of the Bible, and love.

    Originally sold as a 10-pack (9781600061707), this is sold as a single copy.

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  • Beginning With Christ


    Beginning With Christ, designed for new believers, provides the format for telling others about salvation and the Christian life. Topics include assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Includes Scripture memory cards.

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  • Lessons On Christian Living


    Lessons on Christian Living presents eight short Bible studies on major scriptural principles to help you grow spiritually:

    Putting Christ first in your life
    Relying on the Lord’s strength
    The importance of the Bible
    The church
    Good works

    For each principle you will memorize a Bible verse about that topic, study it closely, and compare it with other related passages.

    (The companion Scripture memory pack, Going On with Christ, contains each of the eight verses concentrated on in Lessons on Christian Living.)

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  • Growing In Christ Series


    Growing in Christ is designed to help you master the fundamentals of the Christian life as you explore the Scriptures. Growing in Christ has two parts:

    Lessons on Assurance– Basic Bible studies on five beginning principles for following Christ, plus five corresponding Scripture memory verses entitled Beginning with Christ.

    Lessons on Christian Living– Bible studies on eight more principles for Christian growth, plus eight Scripture memory verses entitled Going On with Christ.

    For use in groups or individually, Growing in Christ can help you establish a firm, scriptural foundation for your life as you develop habits of Bible study and Scripture memory.

    You will study these topics:
    Assurance of salvation -Answered prayer -Victory over sin -Forgiveness -Guidance -Putting Christ first in your life -Relying on the Lord’s strength -The importance of the Bible -Giving -The church -Good works -Witnessing

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  • Spirit Filled Follower Of Jesus


    Grasp what it means to be filled by the Spirit so that obedience, Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and witnessing become natural, meaningful aspects of your life.

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  • Your Life In Christ


    Reveals what it means to accept God’s love, keep Christ at the center of life, and live in the power of the Spirit.

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  • 2 Thessalonians : A Life Changing Encounter With Gods Word From The Book Of


    In Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, he continues to encourage them to stand firm in the hope of Christ’s return. Here he assures his readers that Christ had not yet returned-despite rumors that Paul himself had said the opposite. To encourage them, Paul briefly describes the circumstances that will surround Christ’s return, giving them signs to look for when trying to confirm rumors of the Second Coming.

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  • 1 Thessalonians : A Life Changing Encounter With Gods Word


    1. To The Church (Overview And 1:1)
    2. Thanksgiving (1:2-10)
    3. Paul’s Ministry (2:1-16)
    4. Paul’s Desire (2:17-3:5)
    5. Good News From Timothy (3:6-13)
    6. Living To Please God (4:1-12)
    7. Comfort For Bereaved Christians (4:13-18)
    8. An Attitude Of Watchfulness (5: 1-1 1)
    9. Life In The Church (5:12-15)
    10. Holy Living (5:16-24)
    11. Looking Back (5:25-28 And Review)

    Additional Info
    The new believers in Thessalonica, despite maintaining their faith in the face of persecution, misunderstood the Second Coming of Christ. In response, the Apostle Paul wrote to them, giving them instruction about the kinds of lives they should lead in anticipation of Christ’s return. For all Christians, Paul’s teaching provides helpful guidance on what it means to live the Christian life in the midst of the uncertainty of the world.

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  • Lessons On Assurance


    LESSONS ON ASSURANCE presents short Bible studies on five basic promises God gives to Christians, assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Each study concentrates on a Bible passage which presents one of God’s promises. As you meditate on these five passages and compare them with other Scripture, you’ll want to memorize and make them part of your life.

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