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  • Significant Others : Understanding Our Non Christian Neighbors


    1. Introduction: Does God Hear Their Prayers?
    2. Our Jewish Neighbors
    3. Our Muslim Neighbors
    4. Our Hindu Neighbors
    5. Our Buddhist Neighbors
    6. Our Sikh Neighbors
    7. Our Baha’i Neighbors
    8. Our Jain Neighbors
    9. Our Native American Neighbors
    10. Our Chinese Neighbors
    11. Our Shinto Neighbors
    12. Bookends: What I Have Learned

    Additional Info
    A generation ago, most Americans had little or no contact with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or any other adherents of non-Christian religions. Now our culture is much more pluralistic. In addition to these “others,” many Westerners, disenchanted with Christianity, are more inclined than they were a generation ago to dabble in new spiritual alternatives that were not as readily available here before. Many Christians feel intimidated by these changes.

    Many Christians don’t know how to engage their newest non-Christian neighbors in conversation, partly because they feel ignorant about the religions practiced by others. Significant Others seeks to fill this knowledge gap so readers will become more acquainted with the religious backgrounds of devout non-Christians they are meeting, as well as with the growing number of American people who claim no religious affiliation at all.

    Each chapter outlines the major world religions according to their significant founders or leading figures, significant beliefs and practices, significant sects and developments, and significant points of contact and points of contrast with Christian faith.

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