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  • You And Me Dad


    A Compendium Title

    The bond between father and child is one that lasts a lifetime. And it continues to grow stronger and deeper as the two of you grow together. Capture the moments, qualities, and reflections you’ll always want to remember in this heartwarming book, filled with reflective prompts for each of you to answer.

    Your prompts include:
    You’ve supported me in so many ways.

    One thing you did for me that I will never forget…

    Thank you for always believing in me. You encourage me to…

    Prompts for Dad include:
    You’ve helped me in so many ways too. One thing you did for me…

    You make life richer, happier, and brighter. Because you are you, you inspire me to…

    Whether you choose to complete this book side by side or miles apart, you’ll have a lasting keepsake to share forever.

    Features debossing on a Wibalin cover.

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