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  • Whats Big Starts Small


    Of the 30 parables Jesus told, the one that gets the most space on God’s sacred pages is the story about the sower, the seed, and the soil (Matthew 13). Just like a farmer isn’t sowing seed to get rid of it, God never brings you into contact with his Word just to get it over with. Rather, just as a farmer wants fruit, God wants to help you to experience and exhibit peace, joy, love, and more. And while he certainly could make our behavior one hundred times more sanctified in a single moment, Jesus’s story reminds us that God normally grows us organically, in that slow and steady process that we witness throughout the created world. And just as in farming, there are some obstacles to overcome along the way.

    This book is structured around the six threats Jesus lists in the parable of the sower and the seed, and the corresponding strategies to overcome them: pride, pain, worries, wealth, wanting, and not waiting. If you’re wondering why your faith “isn’t working” in some aspects of your life, Jesus’ words may contain the key you’re looking for.

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