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  • Ordinary On Purpose


    Wife, mother of 5, and part-time family practice doctor.

    The world is shouting at us to be more. Be the BEST. Strive. Achieve. Overachieve. Never stop pushing. After seven years of living married to an alcoholic and drug addict, Mikala was drowning in motherhood all while finishing medical school and her residency. At the end of her rope, she realized all this time she had been chasing something that doesn’t exist. Perfect is pretend. All she desperately wanted and needed to embrace was ordinary. A hard, messy, gritty, lovely little life.

    Mikala’s moving and beautiful writing takes readers through her transparent story with an invitation. Lay down the endless chase for perfection, see your perfect, loving God amidst the pain and chaos, and live a beautiful, ordinary little life exactly as it is. Today.

    This book is a voice of radiant hope and grounding contentment for the strivers and perfectionists spread thin. Not for achieving more, but for embracing who we already are. Loved, imperfect, mostly ordinary, and so very on purpose.

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