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  • Cease Striving Book 1


    Cease Striving is written to every believer who has been in the performance-driven, program-oriented trap of living the Christian life. It has been written for those who have come to the end of themselves and are now willing to cry out to the Lord for help. Years of striving to live the Christian life have taken a toll.

    Practically speaking, this workbook provides a detailed examination of the Book of Galatians. Paul admonishes the believers in Galatia who are struggling because false teachers have come in with the lie that man can be sanctified through his work of religious activity. Paul warns that adding anything to God’s work of grace, whether its Christ’s finished work on the cross or the work of grace continuing now by His Spirit through the ministry of His Word, is a different gospel. Salvation, whether one is talking about justification, sanctification, or glorification, is wholly a work of the LORD God by grace alone through faith alone. The sooner we know and realize this truth, we can cease striving and rest in Him.

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