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  • Sexual Morality In A Christless World


    Outcast. Radical. Countercultural.

    Does standing out in the crowd ever leave you speechless?

    Like in St. Paul’s day, the church around the world-and particularly in America-now frequently faces hostility at the first mention of “homosexuality” in casual conversations or public square debates.

    Author Matthew Rueger openly embraces this hot topic, giving you a framework for defending your beliefs by first exploring the relationship between sexual sin in ancient history and twenty-first century tangles of the same flavor. Topics such as temptation, promiscuity, marriage, homosexuality, natural law, and the church’s role in it all swirl together to reveal our unifying need for a Savior. Rueger writes compassionately with a father’s heart and adamantly with a fierce determination to outline the truth about sexual morality from a reasoned Christian perspective.

    We need to expect the unpleasant from our opponents, arm ourselves with answers to common objections, and speak in clarity and love. And let’s not lose sight of the church as a place of refuge for those who are battered down by their desires. Real people with real struggles are being lost.

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