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  • David The Great


    How much do you really know about the life of KING DAVID?

    He was a man of unwavering loyalty, great faith, and national vision.
    He was a Spirit-led poet with prophetic and Messianic insights who reached beyond the millennia.
    He was a musician whose lullabies could soothe a demon-haunted soul.
    He was a political leader strong enough to forge a single nation out of disparate tribes.
    But he was also an adulterer, a murderer, a mercenary raider, and a hated father.
    He caused suffering among his people with an act of hubris.
    He ordered the execution of his enemies on his deathbed.
    He enjoyed many wives and concubines.
    Most of all, he broke the laws of both God and man.

    Let’s just say, what you know about King David only scratches the surface.

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