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  • Thank God Its Monday


    The average person spends around ninety thousand hours at work over a lifetime. In the busyness and daily routine of working life–responding to emails, working from home at any hour, hitting deadlines, and planning meetings–it can be hard to remember that God is there.

    Whatever our work looks like, God cares about it. He calls us to work as if we are working for Him–whether we are working for someone else, self-employed, starting a business, or staying at home. Exploring what God has to say about work, this book helps us to see our jobs, coworkers, business contacts, bosses, and workplaces the way God sees them. Full of inspiring stories, it empowers us to do good work with God, in His way, and to show and share Jesus in the challenges and opportunities of our daily work.

    In this fun and highly practical book, Mark Greene looks at how we can make the most of the time we spend. For those who want to encounter God in the workplace, Greene helps to expand the spiritual framework of life from the weekend to the workplace to see that God is at work there through us, in us, and in those we work with.

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