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  • What The Bible Says About Suffering


    21 Chapters

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    Have you ever asked yourself that question?

    Where is God When We Suffer? addresses the topic from up close and personal as well as from the objective view of Scripture. It begins with Lynn’s own story of loss and suffering. Dr. Gardner then guides us through a study of both Old and New Testament examples of people who suffer.

    Why did they suffer? How did they deal with it? What can we learn from their experiences? This book also includes a philosophical discussion of evil and suffering for those who want an analysis of this difficult topic from a biblical perspective. How can an all-powerful, all-loving God permit such pain and tragedy in the world He created? In the final fourth of the book, Dr. Gardner gives very practical advice on what helps people who are suffering and what does not. He also lists scriptural principles that offer help and hope for those going through hard times and for the family and friends trying to help them.

    Obviously, there are situations that are not directly addressed in the Bible because of societal, changes, culture, and technology. Yet, if the Bible is the ultimate authority on life and relationships, it is the essential source of information that will impact everyday decisions.

    This book provides a valuable overview of the biblical teaching on suffering, but it does much more. It is filled with practical counsel, drawn both from the teaching of Scripture and a lifetime of ministry.

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