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  • How High Is Heaven


    Children ask A LOT of questions when it comes to heaven, particularly when they’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. In this uplifting, imaginative picture book by bestselling author and ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis, How High Is Heaven inspires hope and comfort in readers young and old, that heaven is right here and open for us all.

    Children will be delighted with the engaging art, read-aloud rhymes, and age-appropriate message that, thanks to God’s grace, heaven is a place we can look forward to while living our best life and finding moments of heaven here on earth.

    How High Is Heaven:

    *Has the lyrical tone and message we have come to love from bestselling author Linsey Davis
    *Whimsical illustrations by Lucy Fleming
    *The perfect book for parents and grandparents to read aloud to their children
    *Written for kids ages 4-8
    *A gift that helps answer children’s questions about heaven and comforts those who have lost a loved one

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