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  • Unbeaten : How Biblical Heroes Rose Above Their Pain And You Can Too


    Crossriver Media Group
    Sarai couldn’t have a baby. Leah felt unloved. David ran for his life and Job lost everything. Just about every Bible hero at one time or another went through a life-changing trial. As you read through Scriptures you can almost hear them ask… Why does life have to be so hard? Difficult times often leave Christians searching the Bible for answers to the most difficult questions – Does God hear me when I pray? Why isn’t He doing anything? Does He even care? Author Lindsey Bell understands the struggle. She battled for years with secondary infertility. As she endured medical testing and numerous miscarriages, she searched the Bible for answers to these tough questions. Her studies led her through the stories of biblical figures, big and small. She discovered that while life brings trials, faith brings victory. And when we rely on God for the strength to get us through, we can emerge Unbeaten.

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