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  • Rhythms Of Grace 1


    Rhythms of Grace is a unique and innovative program resource designed to meet the spiritual needs of children and families living with autismspectrum disorders. Participant families gather monthly with program leaders and volunteers for sessions that are a hybrid of worship and faith formation. Rhythms of Grace helps children and their families feel at the center of a worship/formation experience that is specific to their needs and circumstances, rather than merely at the margins of a more conventionally “inclusive” program of worship or faith formation.

    The Rhythms of Grace curriculum consists of a 3-year syllabus of distinct scripture-based session plans, as well as the background material needed to establish a successful program. Each year of the program includes 12 monthly sessions (Sept. to Aug.) and 6 feast sessions. Volume 1 contains a single year’s worth of session plans (18 sessions total), plus background material.

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