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  • Fighting For Your Marriage While Separated


    In this practical, gospel-centered book on the subject of separation, men and women who are separated but hopeful for restoration will discover life-changing truths about God, themselves, and their marriages. Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated by Linda W. Rooks explores practical answers for men and women in the midst of a marriage crisis. A home ripped apart by one spouse leaving reverberates with a host of unanswered questions. Simple answers dont existheartrending complexities do. After finding hope, strength, and encouragement for their marriages in the words of Broken Heart on Hold, many readers continue on their journeys with new questions as they take the next step. Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated begins where Broken Heart on Hold left off, continuing to guide readers through the labyrinths of separation, this time with practical answers to their questions. From diving into topics such as relationship dynamics and healing, protecting children, and praying for restoration, to deciding on boundaries and learning to live with the same spouse in a new marriage, Rooks illustrates what rebuilding a marriage looks likeand how the sweet intimacy of Christ is in the waiting. Through biblical wisdom, personal experience navigating her own separation and restoration in marriage, and nine years of ministry to marriages in crisis, author Linda W. Rooks offers hope to many who feel hopeless, sharing true stories, practical answers, and Scripture-based truth along their journeys toward wholeness.

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