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  • Rocking Ordinary : Holding It Together With Extraordinary Grace


    Most women don’t consider themselves great. Stuck
    in an endless routine of cleaning, cooking, and caring
    for family members, they struggle to find meaning
    and worth in their daily lives. Exhausted at the end of
    another busy, chaotic day, they wonder if they have
    made any measurable progress, if it even matters, if
    their work counts. This book talks frankly about real life,
    ministry failures, and the depressing side of Christian
    womanhood, but in a humorous way that makes you
    want to pour coffee all over it and try again. Whether
    we feel capable or not, whether we feel spiritual or not,
    we are already changing lives. This book is for Christian
    women in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who may or may not have
    children, may or may not be tired, and may or may not
    be addicted to coffee.

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