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  • Strength Of A Woman


    An Ascender Books Title

    Celebrate your God-given strength!
    You may not feel like the so-called perfect Proverbs 31 woman, but rest assured, you are the Proverbs 31 woman! No perfection required.

    Strength of A Woman will have you celebrating as you understand the blessing God sings over you as a woman. Look at the familiar Proverbs 31 Scripture passage and begin to understand the Jewish teachings and the true meaning of the passage. Through this study of the passage, you will:
    *Discover the hidden beauty in the imagery of the Hebrew alphabet through word study;
    *Understand the challenges you face now in comparison to those in biblical times;
    *Embrace God’s purposes versus societies expectations; and
    *Enjoy insights into a strong woman’s day-to-day life.

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  • Strength Of A Woman Devotional


    Are you in need of encouragement?
    Pick up a copy and start celebrating your place in Proverbs 31!

    As women we carry not only our own incredible loads and challenges but those of our loved ones as well. We are the ones who are expected to hold it all together. Sometimes, shame and doubt take root and we can loose sight of God’s plan for us. But we are women.
    Women that Scripture says are warriors and leaders. The poem known as Proverbs 31 details how we can yoke ourselves to Christ so we do not carry our burdens alone. Our legacy is not defined by the world. Your legacy is defined by God and is held deep within this familiar heroic hymn that God sings over you.

    Based on the imagery of the Hebrew alphabet, these daily devotions will help you celebrate your God-given strength in the midst of a crazy, mixed up life. Enjoy the power and dignity within God’s words over you!

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