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  • Adulting For Jesus


    Is adulthood a curse? What should I do with all these participation trophies? As young given adults try to figure things out and answer deep, soul-heavy questions, they’re given flak for living in “extended adolescence.” In a world that insists we can (and should) have it all, Adulting for Jesus uses humor to offer topical advice and encouragement for those who are asking, “Is this really all there is?”

    Develop realistic expectations and a healthy, godly outlook on life for:
    *social media

    Readers will find that by learning to laugh at themselves and find humor in situations, the reduced stress and anxiety makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Most importantly, the more young adults learn about God and see His faithfulness in their lives, the more they grow to love His will, even if it’s not exactly what they imagined.

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