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  • What The Bible Says About The Afterlife


    What do you think of when you consider heaven?

    With all the many misconceptions of heaven and hell that Hollywood and our culture throws out there, it’s easy to picture angels with halos and harps and the devil with horns and a pitchfork ever-present in his hands.

    What does the only truly reliable source have to say about this very important topic? Beginning with Genesis and proceeding through both Testaments, Kenny Boles leads us on a journey to glean what the Bible says about heaven and about hell.

    This book opens the window to The Life to Come.

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  • Heaven : What A Wonderful Place


    In this study guide on heaven, Kenny Boles goes a few steps further than what is typically discussed by using hints from Scriptures and a bit of “sanctified imagination”. Have you ever wondered how our bodies might be changed in the twinkling of an eye? There are a host of questions which are spawned form this one question about our heavenly bodies. Will our bodies have substance or be spirit? Will we experience life in heaven with our five senses? Will we want to meet ancestors who grafted a Christian heritage into our earthly family tree?

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