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  • Season With Mom


    At age eleven, Katie Russell attended her first Chicago Cubs game. While dining at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse in the Windy City, her mother planted the seed of a big dream: to visit all of the Major League Baseball (MLB) parks.Fast-forward years later, and Katie stands on the mound at Wrigley Field, baseball and glove in hand, name displayed on the billboard for all to see.But her journey to that moment was anything but pitch perfect.Join Katie as she travels over 30,000 miles to all thirty MLB parks in a single season, a rare feat that was covered by the likes of ESPN. With black-and-white photographs taken along the way, accompanied by letters to her mother, she reflects on her life and America’s favorite pastime.Katie’s story is formothers and daughters,cancer survivors,baseball and sports fans, andanyone who has experienced loss . . . and maybe fallen in love along the way.A Season with Mom reminds readers that in life, sometimes you strike out, but sometimes you hit home runs. And even if you must wait 108 years–like the Chicago Cubs did for their World Series win–dreams can come true.

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