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  • Living For Eternity


    A shining invitation to get to know the God of eternity on this journey of life

    The call to live for eternity is more important than ever for us all. So much that seemed reliable has been shaken as our world faces economic instability and seismic cultural shifts. Scandals have undermined our faith in politics, sports, entertainment, and the church. Fear of catastrophic climate change and of an ongoing pandemic casts a shadow over the future. The fragility of life is on display and we desperately need to know our eternal foundations.

    In Living for Eternity, Kate Patterson explores what it means to be “eternally minded”–living with a long view, keeping our hearts set on the eternal life we were made for–and how that reality has the power to transform our lives now. A profound invitation to get to know the God of forever, Patterson opens the Scriptures and points to the eternal one who is revealed in His eternal Word. Turning our eyes to the one whose eyes are on us, Patterson tells of a God who is always faithful and mindful of us.

    Unveiling the freedom that being eternally minded brings, Living for Eternity encourages us to live fearlessly, even in life’s most difficult and grief-filled moments. Through it all, God is making us more and more Christlike as we journey with him to our eternal destination.

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