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  • Pull It Off


    Award-winning musical artist and conference speaker Julianna Zobrist urges women to be confident and discover their true identity in Christ.

    Julianna answers the question that probes many modern women today: How can we be completely transparent and vulnerable with ourselves and others, and yet be secure and confident enough to walk through life without fear? PULL IT OFF is broken down into three parts that will address the issues of authority, identity, and security, in order to reveal the root issue of where our fears stem from. Through personal anecdotes and research, Julianna walks readers through how to maximize our true identities and lean into our unique gifts due to a grounded belief in our acceptance of others, our acceptance by God, and ultimately, the acceptance of ourselves.

    Julianna’s message and music is for anyone who wants to express the joy and freedom of knowing that Christ gives them the strength to be bold, fearless, and confidently vulnerable knowing that you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you but rather, knowing your true strength can shine because of who you are in Christ. “Only when we can come to grips with our worthwhileness, will we ever begin to step out in bravery and confidence and brilliance,” she says.

    When we are secure, Julianna says, we believe that we are worthwhile and can, indeed, pull it off.

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