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  • Waiting For God


    We spend much of our life waiting. For healing for ourselves or a friend. For a wayward daughter to return to God. For a new job. For marriage and children and grandchildren. Sometimes the waiting can cause us to feel stuck, or forgotten by God. But waiting time is not wasted time. These eight studies by Juanita Ryan help you draw near to God in times of uncertainty and postponement. As she leads you and your group through significant moments of waiting in Scripture, you will become familiar with the dynamics of such times and learn to hear God’s call to rest in his timing.

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  • Distorted Images Of God


    How To Get The Most Out Of Distorted Images Of God

    1. The God Of Impossible Expectations Versus The God Of Compassion
    Psalm 103:1-14

    2. The Emotionally Distant God Versus The God Of Empathy And Grace
    Hebrews 4:14-16, 5:1-10

    3. The Inattentive God Versus The God Who Knows Us Intimately
    Psalm 139:1-18

    4. The Abusive God Versus The God Who Heals Us
    Matthew 20:29-34

    5. The Unreliable God Versus The God Who Is Trustworthy
    Psalm 145:1-16

    6. The God Who Abandons Versus The God Who Pursues
    Luke 15:1-7

    7. The God Who Withholds Versus The God Who Provides
    Matthew 6:25-34 And 7:7-11

    8. The God Who Is Weak Versus The God Who Is All-Powerful
    Luke 8:22-56

    Leader’s Notes

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    Though we say God is loving, trustworthy and all-powerful, our actions and thoughts reveal the subtle and not-so-subtle lies we’re believing: that God is impossible to please, manipulative and likely to abandon us. Written with compassion and conviction, these eight studies bring to light our distorted thinking and point us to the truth of who God is–the great healer who knows us intimately and pursues us with love.

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  • Praying The Psalms


    Joy. Anger. Distress. Hope. Trust.

    These and many more emotions are expressed in the Psalms. Juanita Ryan offers these studies to help you learn how to openly express the full range of your emotions to God.

    This revised LifeGuide Bible Study, originally titled Psalms II, features additional questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with expanded leader’s notes and a “Now or Later” section in each study.

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