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  • American Dream Of Braven Young


    Why did he have to work late again? I know, I know. He has to work. He has to help “Save America”…

    During this exciting and spirited tour of our nation’s capital, readers are introduced to Braven Young, a ten year old boy who just wants to build paper airplanes with his dad. But his dad is always busy working to “save America” whatever that means. While waiting up to see his dad, Braven falls asleep and dreams about having the time of his life in Washington D.C.. Finally, he is free to do whatever he wants with the National Mall as his playground! But, soon, things start spiraling out of control.

    As The American Dream of Braven Young races to its imaginative and inspiring conclusion, Braven begins looking for the one person that can help him…his dad. Along the way, Braven visits iconic landmarks, meets famous historic figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and learns that with true freedom comes responsibility.

    Join Braven on his own journey to save America! And discover how we all have our parts to play in The American Dream of Braven Young.

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