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  • I Choose Everything


    Two terminally ill Christians–one in England, one in South Africa–explore their experience of God’s love

    Jozanne Moss, in South Africa, and Michael Wenham, in Britain, have only met by email. Both struggle daily with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a progressive and ultimately fatal condition, which destroys the body while leaving the mind fully alert. Both are married to remarkable people who support and care for them.

    Through Jozanne’s story they address the myth that pain and suffering are sent by dark powers, and that God is only responsible for the good bits. Michael explains: “We receive from God everything, both light and shade, praising him in every circumstance, seeing all of life as his gift from beginning to end.” The book is organized with chapters from Joazanne followed by a response and commentary from Michael, an Anglican minister. This allows him to address big questions such as “Why does a good God, if there is one, allow all this pain in his world?” Michael comments: “God has brought us together with the same illness and the same goal: to encourage and inspire others with the life God has purposed for us . . . We are not victims!” Their story is wonderfully uplifting, made radiant by the faith of the two authors.

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