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  • Aggressively Happy : A Realist’s Guide To Believing In The Goodness Of Life


    This weary world can be ugly, despairing, and cynical. But you don’t have to be.

    Instead, you can cultivate resilient joy–an act of defiance that will give you peace and delight in times of turmoil, pain, and chaos.

    In this inspiring read, beloved writer Joy Clarkson leads the way, crafting an audacious case for happiness that will leave you feeling lighter, braver, and wiser. With eloquent truths, humor, and memorable storytelling, Joy offers a philosophy of life that doesn’t make light of the heartbreaks of the world, gives you strategies for a hope-offense, defends goodness, and wards off the paralyzing forces of cynicism.

    Aggressively Happy is a timely read, drawing on literary, theological, and artistic examples and personal experiences. Each chapter offers inspiration and practical insight into living a fuller and braver life. In this book, Joy offers readers respite and rejuvenation, acknowledges both beauty and pain, and reveals simple secrets to lasting happiness.

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