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  • Smart Church Finances


    What can the Church learn from the business world?

    You’re a leader of a ministry, nonprofit, or church. You trained to be a faithful counselor, preacher, interpreter of God’s Word–so why do you find yourself spending so much energy on administration tasks that threaten to drain your time, energy, and joy?

    Look to this book for the coaching you needed, yesterday. Written from years of ministry and business experience, Business for Ministry is built on a solid foundation of business principles but–unlike many business books–in a straightforward style that anyone can grasp. You’ll learn how to:
    *Communicate vision and strategize with a team
    *Steward resources well (yes, including budgeting)
    *Prioritize goals, wisely make decisions, and evaluate outcomes based on vision and data
    *Leverage the existing talents of men and women at your church, many of whom don’t fit in “traditional” ministry roles

    This field guide to building a holistic, sustainable system for your church will both help you address the business needs of your church and free your leaders to serve, fully and joyfully.

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