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  • Beat Self Defeat


    It’s true that life holds many challenges, but oftentimes the biggest obstacle to our own success and happiness comes from within. In fact, we are experts at self-sabotage. If we could just get out of our own way, imagine what we could accomplish!

    That’s exactly what bestselling author John Mason is going to help you do in this book. Honing in on areas of life where you might be standing in your own way, Mason will help you conquer

    – negative self-talk
    – fear
    – lack of focus
    – regret
    – indecision
    – trust issues
    – distraction
    – perfectionism
    – anxiety
    – overwhelm
    – and so much more

    With his enthusiastic help, you’ll discover how you can set and achieve your goals, maintain a positive attitude, and face each day with a spirit of gratitude and possibility.

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