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  • Dangerous Virtues : How To Follow Jesus When Evil Masquerades As Good


    Has the World Confused Evil with Righteousness?

    When sin is disguised as virtue, the path to cultivating righteousness becomes impossible. Such is the challenge Christians face in the modern age. Not long ago, most people would agree that the seven deadly sins are in fact deadly. But ask them today, and you’ll hear a different answer. Today, “anger” is often considered an admirable emotion, “lust” the only expression of love, and “greed” the unassailable right to “get what’s yours.” The world can rebrand sin all it wants and declare the death of truth, but it has no power against the truth of the Scripture. What God calls sin is sin-no matter what the world says. And sin always has the same destination-death and destruction.

    Dangerous Virtues examines how to recognize these seven deadly sins as they are subtly disguised in today’s culture. Dr. John Koessler provides a theology of sin and why the Christian must develop a prayerful heart and discerning eye to identify where sin exists in a world where good is called evil and evil called good.

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