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  • I Am Zion


    Zion is not just a place in Israel. It’s a spiritual reality in you.

    Best-selling author John Eckhardt gives a fresh revelation of our identity as “Zion,” the place in which God dwells. In applying the characteristics and blessings in Isaiah 60, this book will teach readers how to do the following:
    *Access the hidden benefits of Zion, the dwelling place of God
    *Understand the glory of God and unlock its benefits
    *Expand to new levels of faith that release blessing, healing, deliverance, promotion, and increase
    *Enter into the glory of God through the gateway of worship
    *Get deliverance from all that hinders you from entering into the glory realm

    If we don’t understand the benefits that are available to us, we won’t seek after them. Harness the reality that we are the dwelling place of God and experience the amazing blessings that are waiting for us. This book will show you who you are in Christ so that you can experience blessing, healing, deliverance, wealth, and promotion in your life.

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  • Psalm 112 Promise


    Best-selling author John Eckhardt reveals the truth of Psalm 112 that the man who fears the Lord is gracious, full of compassion, and generous. His heart is fixed and established. He cannot be moved. He is uncompromisingly and consistently righteous. His righteousness endures forever.

    This psalm paints the picture of the life of the balanced, stable, steadfast, immovable believer, and Eckhardt’s teaching reveals how all of us can get there.

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  • Scriptures For Faith Deliverance And Healing


    Hitting right in the center of every Spirit-filled believer’s interests, this book by best-selling author John Eckhardt is a handy reference tool for those who want to have a greater understanding of healing and deliverance to incorporate God’s Word into their prayers.

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