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  • Ultimate Guide For The Avid Indoorsman


    Welcome to God’s Great Indoors

    Do you often wonder why anyone would enjoy camping?

    Is your couch and TV among your most prized possession?

    Are you sick and tired of hearing your friends and family say, “Let’s go out”?

    Then you might be an avid indoorsman and contrary to popular belief, so is God. He created the indoors to keep the outdoors where it belongs…out.

    Embrace the indoor lifestyle with this hilarious handbook full of tips and tricks to help you thrive in your comfy, climate-controlled world. Learn the finer art of setting up a perfect home theater, cleaning with minimal effort, developing indoor hobbies, and, of course, how to avoid the outdoors at all costs!

    So, stay indoors, read this book, and thank God for four walls, fast Internet, and a forever faith… that lives inside you, by the way. Just sayin’.

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