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  • Better Together : Because Youre Not Meant To Mom Alone


    You re not meant to mother alone.

    “Better Together” explores the notion that women are not designed to mother alone. We are designed to mother in relationship with other women who understand what a mom’s life is like. We’re also designed to mother in relationship with the God who created us. This book encourages every mother to find her mothering community, a place where she can both give and receive support in the many forms moms need. Beyond encouraging moms to be in community, “Better Together” teaches “how “to build a tribe and what to do together once you have one, such as:
    *Learn together fill in each other s weaknesses with each other s strengths
    *Help together enjoy community while accomplishing various tasks
    *Care Together offer day-to-day care as well as crisis support
    *Share together find healing and strength in opening up to one another
    *Pray together stand in the gap for each other when one among you is just dogged tired
    *Forgive together enjoy the in-and-outs of mothering friendships, even the tough parts
    *Encourage together pay attention to one another and cheer each other on

    “Better Together “presents an uncommon and compelling vision of motherhood: a group effort full of joy and strength.”

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