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  • Biblical Counseling Basics


    Counseling has always been part of God’s interaction with humankind and is a critical aspect of Christian life today. Jeremy Lelek, a leader in the biblical counseling movement, equips professionals, pastors, parishioners, and students to become wise physicians of the soul. This comprehensive textbook for biblical counseling covers a broad range of issues, including the history of soul care within the church, the role of the Bible in counseling, the theological foundations of biblical counseling, issues of licensure and professional counseling, ethical issues for professionals, and a detailed review of methodology.

    -A comprehensive textbook that equips readers to understand all aspects of biblical counseling
    -Includes the historical basis for contemporary soul care
    -A thoughtful look at those outside the biblical counseling “camp,” noting weaknesses and strengths
    -Helpful to those who are already biblical counselors, as well as those outside biblical counseling who desire a deeper understanding and appreciation of its goals and methods.

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