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  • Scarlet Bishop


    Part I: Fell Winter
    Part II: Unraveled Paths
    Part III: Shadow’s Web
    Part IV: Scarlet Bishop

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    War looms as Morumus and Oethur, narrowly escaping the Red Order, seek Urien’s help to decipher the secret of the ancient Bone Codex. All while the Dark Faith’s shadow continues to spread . . .

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  • Dark Faith


    A frightening engagement with the most cunning kind of evil! Montgomery’s epic fantasy is as relevant for today’s faithful as it is captivating.

    Prophecy and tragedy combine to drive the young monk Morumus from his island home to the greatest center of learning on the Continent. There, he uncovers a terrible conspiracy: a cult masquerading as a holy order plans to reintroduce paganism into the Church. Along with the few faithful who remain, Morumus must find a way to stop its menace, quiet the swords of the enemy, and extinguish the ambitions of the Scarlet Bishop.

    Thus begins the Dark Harvest triology, a tale set in a fantastical world much like early medieval Europe. Jeremiah W. Montgomery’s memorable characters, engaging plot, and textured prose will leave readers eager for more.

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