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  • Growing Slow Bible Study


    We want to believe that a slower life is possible, but we’re afraid of what we’ll miss if we don’t keep up the pace. So we bend to the pressure and miss the gift of rest and slowness. What if we could move from a place of depleting hurry to grasp the high reward of good things grown slowly?

    In this Bible study, which accompanies a trade book by the same name, Jennifer Dukes Lee helps readers dig deep into Scripture to reveal how land is a picture of our slow growth into claiming the promises of God. The land is more than a backdrop for the Bible. It is a central part of the magnificent narrative, from the very beginning when Creator God used dirt to make life on a farm called Eden. Jennifer weaves these biblical lessons into her own experience of the importance of land, gleaned from her fifth-generation farm. The land–both then and now–teaches us how to un-hurry our hurry-sick hearts.

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  • Happiness Dare : Includes What’s Your Happiness Style Assessment


    You want to live on Cloud 9 . . . but you feel stuck on Cloud 6 or so.
    Jennifer Dukes Lee has good news for any woman who’s ever secretly, longingly (even guiltily) dreamed of being happier: It’s okay to want to be happy. God cares about your happiness; He created it as a sweet spot, a gift, and something you can faithfully, freely pursue. And He’s daring you to trust Him enough to discover it. Join Jennifer in taking the Happiness Dare and you’ll discover:
    *What your own personal happiness style reveals about you (Happiness Style quiz included in the book!)
    *What you can do in just five minutes a day to be happier
    *The true relationship between happiness and holiness
    *What “happy” means when you’re facing life’s toughest circumstances
    *How happiness changes us and changes the world

    Embark on The Happiness Dare . . . and experience God’s purpose and delight in your life more than ever before.

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