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  • Beyond Priceless : Who God Is When I Feel


    Discover Your Worth in the Worthiness of God

    In Priceless: Who I Am When I Feel… Linda and Jen Barrick explore the important role feelings play in a woman’s spirituality. Your feelings aren’t a bad thing. They are a gift from God to make space in your heart for more of Him. This fun, interactive prayer journal through the Psalms teaches you how to communicate with God in new ways that make you feel confident, loved and known.

    With Beyond Priceless: Who God Is When I Feel… you can experience the peace of God’s presence when you exchange your messy reality for the immeasurable worth of knowing God intimately. As God begins to capture your heart, you will have the power to change your negative thoughts and feelings into a positive, hopeful attitude. This 30-day devotional unwraps the beauty of Almighty God in the midst of your fears and uncertainties. Each devotional invites both teens and young adults (and women of all ages!) to exchange their unreliable feelings for the unshakeable truth of Who God is. You will be guided to invite God into your vulnerabilities through Scripture, prayer, and interactive questions.

    While our emotions can sometimes seem unpredictable and confusing, our hope is in a God who is forever constant and unchanging-we are priceless because He is beyond priceless.

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