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  • At The Rivers Edge


    * A special supplement to the Heart of the Restoration Series.

    The text of this booklet is drawn from the book Unveiling Glory: Visions of Christ’s Transforming Presence, by Jeff Childers and Fred Aquino. The book’s theme is that salvation in Christ Jesus is dominated by the lifelong experience of being transformed into his image. By gazing on the Lord’s glory with unveiled faces (2 Corinthians 3:18), we find ourselves being changed, over time, to fit the picture we see in him. Chapter 3 of the book focuses especially on Jesus’ baptism and his call to discipleship, a call so vivid and so compelling that we chose to adapt that material for this brief study.

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  • Unveiling Glory : Visions Of Christs Transforming Presence


    Why did Jesus come to earth in the flesh and live among us? In what sense did he both embrace this world and reject it? How should our view of Christ form the way we live and act as Christians in our families, neighborhoods, nations, and churches? Unveiling Glory seeks to address these topics and others, boldly considering many of the problems facing Churches of Christ today and insisting that the key to their resolution lies in a deeper commitment to Jesus.

    The introduction establishes the premise for the book when it declares that “approaching Christ with transformation in mind has not always been a key element in…our heritage. Yet we are convinced that whenever scripture is allowed to speak with its full voice, the notion of Christianity as transformation into the image of Christ becomes inescapable.” The book seeks to deliver on this promise, leading the reader through the important events in Jesus’ life and unveiling their significance for the Christian today.

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  • Crux Of The Matter


    The authors focus on a present crisis of identity they see in Churches of Christ and issue a call for conversation in response to their thought-provoking book. They are concerned both about the changing practices in the church and the method of Bible interpretation used by the church to deal with the crisis of identity.

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